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Although subscription boxes can be considered a splurge, they can be quite the life-saver. Need new work clothes but spending too many long hours at the office to get to the mall? There’s a subscription box for that. Want to try out the newest beauty products but the sales people overwhelm you? There’s a subscription box for that. Or maybe you never seem to have meals planned for the week. Yep, there’s even a box for that. There is a subscription box for everything these days. And these days, getting things delivered to your door is the absolute way to go.

While I know we can’t possibly sign-up for them all, I’ve rounded-up three must have monthly subscription boxes. You’re welcome.


BootayBag was created by real women, for real women, who hate digging through mall sale bins for new undies. The idea was to fix the lack of affordability and convenience in the underwear shopping process. You know, that ‘real life shit’ us women just shouldn’t have to deal with. BootayBag is the newest, (and need I mention, hottest), way to shop women’s underwear.

What’s in the subscription?

Starting at just $10/month, get your favorite undies delivered right to your door! Think: InstaCart for your underwear drawer. BootayBag gives you the option to choose your size and style preference. You can also add one-time items, like matching bralettes, to your shipments.

You get to choose your subscription. First choose how many pairs you’d like – 1 pair ($10), 2 pair ($15), or 4 pair ($20). Then choose size & style (always thong, never thong, or mix it up).

Does it cost to join?

No. BootayBag is completely free to join! You only pay for the bag, and nothing more.

Can you cancel or skip a month?

Yes. You can cancel or skip a month easily using the user-friendly customer portal. You’ll just want to make your changes before the 14th of the month. You’ll always receive a reminder 5 days before your subscription processes. Talk about a hassle-free, no-commitment service!

Is there a reward/referral program?

Yes. You can earn points by making purchases, referring friends, and celebrating a birthday. You can redeem points for things like donating a pair of undies, $10 off a monthly bag, free BootayBag swag, and much more!

Does BootayBag give back?

Yes! Since underwear is the most-requested and least-donated clothing item at women’s shelters, BootayBag has partnered with The Undies Project, Period Kits, and other local organizations to donate thousands of pairs to women in need on behalf of all BootayBabes.


Billie noticed that women were overpaying for razors and shamed for having body hair. Uh, kind of a double whammy, when you think about it. So, Billie did away with the Pink Tax and put body hair on the big screen.

Billie is a sparkling clean collection of better beauty basics. The products are powered by ingredients that do no harm, work super hard, and take the guesswork out of clean. You know those short lists of “no’s” that brands put on their site? Billie’s is so long and could maybe even go on forever. Here’s a start: No sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, GMOs, drying alcohols, synthetic dyes, fragrances, cheap foaming agents, unstable silicones or BHT.

What’s in the subscription?

Starting at $9/month, get your razors delivered right to your door. Think: [Shower] Door Dash. Billie give you the option to choose your razor handle color and how often you’d like your delivery based on the frequency of shaving. You can also add one-time items like, shave cream, razor travel case, or body lotion, to your shipments.

Choose how often you want refill blades – Shave every day? Delivery every month for $9. Shave a few times a week? Delivery every other month for $9. Shave once a week? Delivery every three months for $9.

Does it cost to join?

No. Billie is completely free to join! You only pay for your starter kit – handle, holder and two refill blades – and nothing more.

Can you cancel or skip a month?

Yes. You can adjust, cancel or skip a month easily using the user-friendly customer portal. You can make these changes at any time during the month. You can also order more handles, holders or refill blades at any time. Talk about another hassle-free, no-commitment service!

Is there a reward/referral program?

Yes. Billie’s referral program is called The Pink Tax Rebate – it’s their way of saying “Ladies, you’ve been overpaying for pink razors for far too many years. Time to get some money back!” You can earn dollars to spend on your next Billie purchase simply by getting your pals to sign up with their email.. no purchase required!

Does Billie give back?

Yes! Billie donates 1% of all revenue to causes around the world. In light of recent news, they are currently donating to local food banks across America who are working to serve the immediate needs of people affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The most gentle & effective razors – the best for sensitive skin.

Living Proof

Living Proof’s founders – an ingenious mix of biotech scientists who had no preconceived notions of what could be done in beauty, and industry-leading stylists who were fed up with the limitations of conventional products – started a revolution in haircare, pioneering a line of breakthrough, silicone-free products with patented technology. This fresh, innovative approach was long overdue. Twenty patents later, across 50 unique products, Living Proof has won more than 150 awards for disrupting the industry and solving the toughest problems in haircare. Their drive to reveal the best version of hair has only gotten stronger. They continue to break through industry standards, creating cutting-edge products that will transform your confidence, your outlook, and your every day.

What’s in the subscription?

You will automatically receive your favorite products to you at the frequency you choose. You will never have to worry about running out of your favorite Living Proof products. You also receive free shipping and every 4th order is free!

First, choose your favorite products to set for Auto-Replenish. Then, set your schedule – choose the date that is best for you.

Does it cost to join?

No. Living Proof Auto-Replenish is completely free to join! You only pay for your product(s) you choose (PHD Dry Shampoo, PHD Shampoo or Conditioner, Full Dry Volume Blast, Full Shampoo or Conditioner).

Can you cancel or skip a month?

Yes. You always have complete control over your auto-replenish orders. Once you sign up for auto-replenish, you can change your products, frequency, next order date or quantity anytime. You will receive an email reminder 10 days before each order is placed in case you want to make any updates. You will want to make any changes at least 24 hours prior to the next scheduled order. You will only be billed when the order is shipped.

Is there a reward/referral program?

Not technically, but I see free shipping & every fourth order free as a reward!

Does Living Proof give back?

Yes. Living Proof has made it their mission to ensure any Living Proof bottles in the US and Canada are recycled. No matter where the product is purchased, once they are used up, Living Proof will recycle them, for free, for you. Their goal: By 2025, decrease use of virgin plastic in all global packaging by 50%, decrease use of post-consumer recycled material in all global packaging to at least 50%, and have 100% recyclable packaging worldwide. If you sign up for this program, you can earn points and give back! For every 1 lb. you send, you’ll get $1 in credit on TerraCycle, which you can donate to any charity of your choosing.

So these are my three must-haves, but I know there are a bunch of amazing subscription boxes out there. Which have you tried? Which are your favorite? Which are your must-haves?! Leave a comment letting me know which subscription boxes I need to try!

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