Tips for Creating an Organized Closet

Clutter in my car.  An unmade bed.  Dishes in the sink.  A disorganized closet.  Just a few of my least favorite things.  Honestly, when I see these things, I can’t think straight.

The worst of these for me is a disorganized closet.  Unfortunately, when I moved into my condo, it was really rushed and I wasn’t in the best headspace.  So I pretty much just dumped all my clothes and closed the door.  Since I’ve been working from home the past year and a half and haven’t been going anywhere other than the gym, I really haven’t worn anything but athleisure, which I keep in my dresser.

Needless to say, that door has stayed closed longer than I’d like to admit, because I couldn’t bear to look at the mess.  Finally, I woke up early on Saturday morning, poured myself a nice, big cup of coffee, put on my big girl pants, opened that closet door and got to work.

Now, I’m no Marie Kondo, but thankfully, I have always been able to quickly decide which items are keepers and which item it’s time to say goodbye to.  I’ve also had a pretty functional system for organizing my clothes in the closet to the point of knowing what I have.  Isn’t it terrifying to find an item of clothing that you’ve totally forgotten about, sometimes with the tags still on even!?  Eek, I sure think so!

So here are my tips for creating an organized closet:

  1. Be prepared to do it ALL, or don’t do it at all.

When you start a project like cleaning out your closet and reorganizing it, you have to do it start to finish.  If you don’t, you’ll only create a bigger mess and become less organized than when you started. 

2.  Switch your closet it out seasonally.

I swap my clothes out as the seasons change.  I know it seems overwhelming to do this multiple times a year, but the more often you do, the less overwhelming it is.  There are so many benefits to doing too.  You only have clothing options in your closet that are appropriate for the season and weather.  You have the opportunity to consign clothes before they are too old, out of style, worn, etc.  You have a much better idea of what you own, so you are more conscientious of what you buy… you won’t double up!  By having to take clothes out of a bin, try them on, steam them, and hang them up, you’ll have time to be mindful of if it is an item you truly want to hang on to.  If you don’t feel like going through the effort with the item, it’s time to say goodbye to it!

3.  Try it on.

I know you won’t want to, but it’s the only way you’ll truly know if the item still fits and/or if you even still like it.  Think about planning an entire outfit around a particular item that you haven’t worn since last season.  The time comes to get ready and the item is way too small!  Now you have to start from scratch and you’re scrambling.  Avoid this stressor and try it on… now.

4.  Hang them up in order.

You can choose what “order” makes sense for you, but I do a combination of color and length.  All my tank tops are together, in rainbow order.  Then all of my short sleeves, in rainbow order.  Then all of my long sleeves, in, you guessed it, rainbow order!  All of my skirts are together, jeans are together, dresses are together, etc. 

Bonus tip:  Buy the matching hangers and the clear shoe bins.  It can sound like a lot of money upfront, but having uniform hangers gives the closet a much more cohesive look.  I love the skinny velvet hangers from Amazon.  They are space makers and also have a clip option, for things like skirts and pants.  The clear shoe bins also help to give a uniform, cohesive look.  I used to keep the original shoe boxes, but since they are never the same size, I could never get them to stack well and be able to pull one out without them all coming tumbling down into my face.  The clear bins stack perfectly together and you can see exactly where a specific shoe is.

Lesson learned: Hire a moving company.  I wish I had reached out a local moving company like College Dudes Help U Move. They are a North Carolina based moving company that could have assisted with furniture moving, packing help, or even taking things to storage that I didn’t need at the time.  In hindsight, I should have coordinated them to pick up and deliver my new furniture.  If I had hired them to handle the big stuff, I could have focused more on getting my closet organized from the get-go!  Don’t make the same mistake – hire furniture movers in Charlotte or a general moving company like College Dudes Help U Move!!

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