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Starting my 2020 goal off at Sweat Method. was a no-brainer. The owners, Justin & Halle, were previously head coaches at Orange Theory Fitness. Justin was one of my favorite coaches there, and Halle was my friend’s favorite coach at another OTF studio in Charlotte. Justin & Halle are two of the most driven, but also most kind-hearted people I have ever met. Every interaction I’ve had with them has left me with such an upbeat, positive feeling.

Health, fitness, and helping others is just part of their DNA. They They put their wedding on hold to make their career goals come true – they purchased a studio, previously known as Charlotte Yoga, in July 2019 and have quickly made a name for themselves here in the Queen City. It’s so darn easy to support and root for Justin, Halle, and Sweat Method.

I kept hearing great things from various friends with all levels of skill and interest in regards to fitness. It felt like everyone around me was talking about it leading into the holidays… and I wasn’t even bringing it up. Everyone was genuinely crazy about it!

Have you tried Sweat Method?

I love Sweat Method.

You need to try Sweat Method.

Sweat Method is my favorite workout!

Finally, a friend invited me to check out a free class Sweat Method. was offering in early January. So between the motivation from my new goal & a free class, I got started at Sweat Method… and I now, I can’t stop [well, that was until COVID-19 forced me to, ughhh].

The studio is so aesthetically pleasing, employees are so welcoming, the workouts are led by fantastic coaches, I leave drenched in sweat… and practically everyone I know takes classes there soooo it’s like a social outing! I’m only half joking there, but I leave that place exhausted, yet with the best dang energy at the same time.

The merch is dope.

Sweat Method. is self-described as a “music-based flow & fusion studio” and in staying true to that.. they currently offers two styles of workouts: 1) Flow, and 2) Fushion. (Word on the street is post-quarantine they’ll be some new additions! Eek!)


Powerful Hot Vinyasa – A sweaty, creative flow class in a heated room featuring hands-on assists, uplifting music and messaging. This class will leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and strong.


Weight training, cardio and flow. This 50-minute, warm class incorporates dumbells, mini-bands, and your own body weight to give you a full-body workout. You’ll leave feeling energized and stronger than ever!

I haven’t tried the Flow class, but only because I’m obsessed with the Fusion class. This class begins with a warm up, and moves into the first of two “FIIT” rounds of 6 exercises/movements at a quick pace, then usually a partner exercise, then the second of the two “FIIT” rounds, and closes off with a cool down yoga sesh. The “FIIT” rounds are intense, but so, so good. The exercises are tough, but knowing they are less than a minute each absolutely helps to push through. The yoga that is mixed in to these classes is far from intimidating. The instructors are kind, helpful and motivate you to do what feels good and right for your body.

I know I now have a personal tie to this place, but I promise I’m not just biased. This place is the real deal. People are loving this studio, its workouts and the results they are getting. Never before have I had stronger shoulders and I am seeing ab definition for the first time in my life. It is honestly the thing I am looking forward to most once life begins to get back to normal. I highly recommend you purchase some classes (first two classes for only $10!) and get excited to SWEAT!

My sweaty post-class lewk.

Visit them here & buy some classes!

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