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I was recently invited to visit Fashion & Compassion, a 01c3 nonprofit located in the heart of Dilworth, Charlotte, North Carolina. To be honest, I had never heard of Fashion & Compassion, but when I checked out their website, I instantly was impressed and so excited for my visit. To put it in the most simple of terms, it is a boutique that gives back, but it is so much more than those simple terms.

When I arrived, I was charmed to see that F&C was actually in a historic Dilworth home. IMHO, Dilworth is the most charming part of Charlotte – lots of law firms and other businesses are run out of old homes. I adore it! I was kindly greeted at the door & given a tour, while learning more about the organization. There were the most beautiful bags, jewelry, home décor, and, of course, face masks (ohhh, 2020). The products were displayed in groups based on the countries in which they were made (Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda, Uganda, and USA).

Once I caught my breath from the beauty & kindheartedness that filled this house, it was time to get started on the main reason I was there: peachy x Fashion & Compassion, a partnership created to keep women in style for the holiday season and at the same time, help over 30 vulnerable women and families. The collection is filled with the prettiest, bold-colored wrap skirts, matching scrunchies and face masks, as well as really cool jewelry and handbags.

Of course, all of the items were truly amazing, but the skirts were so dang impressive. I honestly couldn’t get over the vibrant colors of the fabric. And my favorite part was that because they are wrap skirts, they fit any and all sizes! Even little short me!!!

After Avery, the Communications & Marketing Coordinator, shot some amazing photos, I had the opportunity to sit and connect with Beth, the Executive Director. Her passion for this incredible organization was practically beaming out of her. Not only is she beautiful, but her heart is truly made of gold. She spent a decade as a jewelry designer and was most recently the National Charity Director at BeautyKind. Beth also has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector and currently sits on several boards.

I left with the fullest of hearts – but also a slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t previously known about this amazing organization doing incredible work right in my own neighborhood. Therefore, I also left feeling compelled to share about Fashion & Compassion because everyone, especially my fellow Charlotteans, must know about the good work that is being done.

F&C runs programs in Charlotte, North Carolina and partners with Artisan projects in six other countries.  They teach women to make jewelry and other crafts, which provide supplemental income to the women and an income stream for the organization.

F&C serves women who are overcoming challenging circumstances such as human trafficking, abuse, addiction, incarceration, poverty and persecution. Through the organization, the women are empowered by learning a new skill – they become artisans as they are taught to make jewelry and other crafts.  When the women arrive at Fashion & Compassion, they are often times broken – they don’t feel successful, they don’t feel capable, and that directly impacts their confidence and ability to move forward in life.  Mastering a new skill changes that – it grows their confidence and helps them realize that they ARE valuable and CAN be successful.

On top of that, they are surrounded with love and encouragement – Fashion & Compassion is their support system as they realize their dreams.

Pop in to their beautiful boutique & studio, located at 1717 Cleveland Avenue Charlotte, NC 28203 and see for yourself the remarkable work the organization is doing and shop the beautiful jewelry, handbags, skirts, and other pieces of wearable art.

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