The Sloane Ranger

Hello! Welcome to The Sloane Ranger!

My name is Sloane. I am a 31 year old chick living in Charlotte, North Carolina, by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although I moved south 7 years ago, I’ll never give up my Steel City Roots. I’m a huge fan of all things black and yellow (Sup, Wiz) . Let’s go Steelers, Penguins & Pirates!

I created this little corner of the internet called The Sloane Ranger as a creative outlet to my desk job. I was previously a kindergarten teacher, but switched to a legal career a few years ago. While I’m so happy with my career change (talk about a much better work/life balance), I’ve really been itching for a way to express myself creatively again.

While the Official Sloane Ranger Handbook is very structured and regimented, and the goal here is for us each to be uniquely ourselves. Being yourself is the best thing you can be!