Desk to Drinks

Cue the mental warfare. What do I, how do I, should I, etc. etc. etc.

We’ve all been there. Beyond excited to break up our normal, boring routine by washing down the day’s stress with your favorite libations and your best girlfriends. Counting-down-the-hours excited. But, wait! What do I wear? Do I pack a bag? Then what do I do with it?!?!

No! No! No! No stress needed. No bag needed. No changing in the bathroom stall needed. There are plenty of ways to put together an outfit that makes you feel professional at the office AND pretty at the bar.

Obviously, you have to be strategic with it, but I’m here to tell you, it’s easier than you think. The key thing to remember to find a balance. As you’ll do with most outfits, choose one item to be the star of the show, and then build around that. The difference for an desk-to-drinks outfit is you’ll keep everything toned down around your leading-lady item. By doing this, you’ll be on-trend but office-appropriate, making for the perfect desk-to-drinks outfit.

In the inaugural post of D-T-D outfit series, I wanted to follow an animal of a trend this year: cheetah prints! (See what I did there.)

I paired this J. Crew star with a black, sleeveless mock turtleneck and my favorite black D’Orsay pumps to make this trend feel classic and chic. I topped this outfit off with thin, gold hoops.

“Just add wine.”

One extra tip to really boost your after-work look? A bold lip color! Trade in your daytime neutral for a pop of color like red.

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